WP1: State of the art & Requirements
D 1.1 State of the art on systems, technologies and processes
D 1.2 User needs and Requirements
WP2: Architecture
D 2.1 Use cases for supporting technologies for sSCM and iIC
D 2.2 System Architecture
WP3: System development
D 3.1 Data exchange and collaboration platform
D 3.2 Interfaces to existing systems and integration
D 3.3 iIC Dashboard
WP4: Demonstration & Evaluation
D 4.1 Pilot demonstration plan
D 4.2 Pilot demonstration final report
D 4.3 Analysis models results
WP5: Dissemination and generalization of results
D 5.1 Dissemination Activities Report
D 5.2 Standards overview and standardization opportunities
D 5.3 Exploitation plan
WP6: Technical Cooperation and Exchange
D 6.1.1 Technical Concertation Activities Report (First report)
D 6.1.2 Technical Concertation Activities Report (Middle report)
D 6.1.3 Technical Concertation Activities Report (Final report)
D 6.2 Key topics on follow-up Greece-China research agenda
Project Info
  • Coordinator: HIT/CERTH
  • Started: end of October 2020
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Budget:
    • Greek side: (~390K)
    • CATS: (RMB1400000 = ~180K)
    • COSCO Shipping Logistics: (RMB1400000 = ~180K)

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